Whale - Which Alternative is Elected?
The voting application

With Whale, create polls, express your opinions and make informed group decisions using the best voting methods.

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Is Whale for me?

If you are in a situation where you have to collectively make a decision, evaluate candidates or alternatives, then Whale is for you. It can be used for a wide range of everyday life settings, such as:

Choosing a restaurant

Proposing and choosing a collective gift for a birthday

Electing a representative

Making a decision in an organization

Hiring the right person(s)

Choosing the right date for a meeting

How does it work?

Using Whale is easy...
1 Register and create a poll
You can create different kinds of polls for different situations: date polls, elections, open or sealed-ballot polls, open-proposal polls where participants can add their own candidates...
You will for sure find a poll that suits your needs.
2 Invite people to vote
Send the link to the participants you want to invite. They will then be able to express their opinions about the proposals.
Depending on the situation, they will be asked to approve / disapprove candidates, rank alternatives, or evaluate them.
3 Visualize the results
When you are ready, you can go to the result page that will help you figure out which decisions are the best for your group.
Whale uses an adapted voting procedure for each situation: approval voting, range voting, Condorcet voting...
Learn more about the voting systems: Under the hood

What is behind Whale?

Whale is a research project
Whale is developped by a group of researchers at Grenoble Informatics Laboratory and has been partly supported by ANR Project CoCoRICo-CoDec on Computational Social Choice
Find out more on the:
Contact page

Whale is free and open
Whale is free: we will not ask you any fee to use it.
Whale's code is open and is distributed using a free licence: you can download it, modify it, and use it for your own needs.
If you want to know more, check out our:
Gitlab page

Whale respects privacy
We do not sell data to anyone. We do not exploit data for advertisment purposes. We use our own servers to store data. You only need a valid email adress to register, and nothing else.
For more details read the:
Privacy policy